What do remote workers need in their home offices?

Q: What should all remote workers have in their home offices?

A: Sunlight and a view: "Working from home can be lonely. Having a window with a view of the world outside can make it feel much less claustrophobic and ultimately make your work more productive." --Lisa Curtis, Kuli Kuli


Cybersecurity protection: "Any remote worker needs to be considered part of your corporate network for security purposes. The computer they work from, the files and assets they use, and even their phone need to be protected as if they were located in your headquarters. Attacks against branch offices and remote workers are on the rise as they are often not as well protected." --Frank Bravata, Exceptional Tech Support

A desk and monitor: "I know it sounds simple and obvious, but having a desk and monitor can really help with productivity. Sure working on the couch in your slippers sounds great initially, but save your back and your time by having a simple workspace area that you find comfortable. It also helps put you in the mind frame of 'I'm at work now.' A kitchen table could work if you don't have the space." --John Arroyo, Arroyo Labs, Inc.


Excellent internet service: "It couldn't get any more basic or simpler than being connected. So many home offices suffer from a weak Internet connection, either because it's a low bandwidth residential connection, or because it's being shared with home users streaming YouTube videos or Netflix during business hours. A dedicated connection for business use is always the best choice." --Jason Keyz, Epic Alarm

A quiet room: "We hire remote employees, and most of them participate in calls or video chats with our clients. It's important to us to present a professional image, so we need to ensure that all of our employees have a quiet, distraction-free space to work from (no roommates wandering in), and include a home office subsidy in their salaries to dedicate towards setting up that space." --Kathryn Hawkins, Eucalypt Media

Quality materials needed to perform: "Ensuring they have working, up-to-date hardware, technology, and materials needed to make the time to complete tasks efficient is most important (computer, chair, lighting, telephone, printer/scanner). It's frustrating, and it takes away from what could be accomplished in a day if what you are working with is old, slow or lacking." --Jessica Baker, Aligned Signs

Ergonomic furniture: "This may sound like a strange answer, but I've lost track of the number of colleagues who suffer from back and shoulder problems, especially those who work from home. Never underestimate the value of a standing desk or a good chair from both a productivity and personal health standpoint." --Steven Buchwald, Buchwald & Associates

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