Fuse Engineering

While Fuse Engineering operates in a deadly serious business, its owners know how to have a little fun too.

The history on its website makes reference — in jest, we think — to Area 51, radioactive spiders, invisible attack sharks and secret Marine Corps serums to super warriors.

Fuse Engineering’s owners actually came from backgrounds in cybersecurity and information technology services, and they decided to combine forces, applying their collective know-how to serve the U.S. intelligence community.

The Gambrills-based company offers services ranging from cybersecurity and data storage and protection to network engineering and disaster recovery.

Apparently it also knows how to build a good workplace for its employees in Gambrills.

“I love my job because of great pay, benefits, social events, and the undivided attention of any senior member at Fuse whenever I ask for it,” wrote one member of the staff. “They go above and beyond to keep their employees happy.”

That benefits package includes five weeks of leave — and the option to cash it out each year while remaining on the job.

In addition, there’s funding for professional development and perks such as company events. Fuse and its employees also support the community, and are active in youth sports, autism-related charities and Toys for Tots. The firm also helped a Girl Scout earn an award by donating clothing for patients at a state psychiatric hospital.

“Fuse Engineering gives me the feeling of stability that one gets by working for a large company with all of the perks (and fun) you get with a small business,” wrote another employee.

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