Best Buy to stop selling CDs this summer

Best Buy to stop selling CDs this summer

Abe Cisneros of North Aurora, Ill., check out CDs at a Best Buy in Aurora in this December 2017 file photo. Best Buy said it will stop selling CDs this summer.

(David Sharos / The Beacon-News)

What was the last CD you bought?

Not the last album you paid for and downloaded from Apple's iTunes story or the last one you streamed from Spotify.


What was the last physical CD you bought?

Target, meanwhile, has told suppliers it will only pay them for CDs after they are sold, not before, according to the Billboard report.

It shouldn't come as a surprise. CD sales have steadily dropped as revenue from streaming grows, according to the Recording Industry Association of America. In 2016, fort the first time ever, streaming generated more money in the US music business than all other formats combined.

Auto manufacturers have foretold the demise of CDs for years as newer cars are less likely to have a in-dash player and more likely to have Bluetooth connectivity or a streaming service like Spotify or Pandora built right in. Smart speakers like Amazon's Alexa, Google Home or Apple's HomePod are becoming as ubiquitous as the living room hi-fi system once was.

“They've definitely lost popularity,” Dave Whaley, manager of Dave's Music Mine on Pittsburgh's South Side, said of CDs. “We do still sell them, mostly used.”

Whaley said the story rarely orders new releases. Used CDs range from about $6 to 99 cents.

“The reason we're still open now is because of vinyl,” Whaley said.

Best Buy will continue to sell vinyl for at least the next two years, Billboard reported, placing the records next to turntables in its stores. Vinyl is the only bright spot in physical music as sales ticked up 3 percent in 2016, according to the RIAA.

But don't trash you CD collect just yet. Whaley said just like vinyl, the compact disc could make a comeback in the decades to come.

After all, cassette tape sales rose by 35 percent in 2017 , selling 174,000 tapes compared to 129,000 in 2016. And leading cassette sales, Guardians of the Galaxy mixtapes.