Don’t suspend your job search during the holidays

DEAR READERS: The holiday season is here, which means taking a break from your job search is a good idea since nobody is paying attention between now and mid-January, right? Employment/career search experts say that isn't necessarily the case!

"I've been writing resumes and LinkedIn profiles for 7-plus years now, and my family knows very well the holidays are not a time I can just stop working," says career search expert Carla Deter, owner of Executive Resume & LinkedIn Profile Writing Service in Washington, D.C. "Historically, many clients are reaching out right now, gearing up and getting prepared to continue their job search."


Wondering why the holiday season is, in some ways, prime time for job hunting? Here are several reasons why you should keep sending those applications, answering job ads, and connecting with sources via social media.

— Other job seekers may slow down. “Get noticed while others sleep — there’s less competition!” Deter says.


— Many receptionists or administrative assistants may be away. And that means it’s more likely that decision-makers will be answering their own phones. “Make that call and see what happens,” Deter advises.

— Many companies want to get hiring done before the new year. Often, that’s more than just a desire to cross something off the “to do” list — it’s a necessity. As Deter explains. “Budgets and fiscal calendars may depend on it.” Some companies, in fact, require hiring managers to fill vacant positions by year’s end or lose the budget for those positions, which means “there’s a good chance that companies will be looking for new employees to fill the gaps,” according to information in “The Holiday Hiring Freeze: Fact or Fiction?” at

— Networking opportunities abound! People in your network, and on sites like LinkedIn, often are more receptive — and available — to respond and interact, according to Deter, who reports that “LinkedIn does remain lively during the holidays!”

— Prospective employers may respond more readily because they think you’ll be more available during the holidays. That’s why it’s important to always have your updated resume on hand. “You don’t want to be caught unable to discuss what the hiring manager or recruiter are looking at when they call you,” Deter stresses.

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