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The Savings Game: New guide lays out health care advice for all

As we all know, the U.S. health care system is very complex. No matter what stage of life you are in, it is crucial to understand your options to obtain the best care in the most cost-effective way. Philip Moeller, author of the popular “Get What’s Yours” series, has a new book that will prove invaluable.

“Get What’s Yours for Health Care: How to Get the Best Care at the Right Price” (Simon & Schuster), available in early January, will help you find the best health insurance, top-quality physicians and hospitals in the most cost-effective way. You will get a better understanding of the health care you need and what it really costs. You will learn how to reduce the cost of prescription drugs and how to handle your medical debt.


The book covers many aspects of private health insurance coverage and useful details about deductibles, copays and coinsurance. It is important to understand what isn’t covered. High deductible plans are covered, and the many tax advantages of health savings accounts, including after you retire.

The book outlines the 10 essential benefits all plans must cover under the Affordable Care Act, as well as the six health conditions they must cover. The differences among the four types of ACA plans are discussed. The tax benefits of ACA are identified.


The Veterans Health Administration covers about 9 million veteran enrollees, providing services at 170 medical centers and 1,100 outpatient clinics. Studies regularly find VA care is regularly comparable or even superior to private care, and often less expensive. VA eligibility categories depend on service records. Eight priority groups are identified specifying eligible benefits.

The book covers all components of Medicare, including whether you need Medicare. No one is required to get Medicare. If you continue working after 65, your options are discussed. Medicare Advantage (MA) plans, offered by private companies, also known as Part C, which must include all the features of Original Medicare (including Parts A and B), are discussed. Advantage plans, which include some benefits not offered by Original Medicare, now account for more than 35% of Medicare coverage.

Although traditional Medicare does not provide health coverage outside the U.S., some Medicare Advantage and Medigap supplemental plans do provide emergency coverage up to $50,000.

Prescription drug coverage can be a complicated topic. The book will give you a good understanding of the rigid rules associated with the timing of enrollment.

Medicaid has surpassed Medicare as the government’s largest health care program. This has happened because of the ACA expansion incorporated by that the majority of the States. Eligibility and coverage rules vary by state. Medicare does not cover nonmedical care that disabled and older people need, such custodial care, referred to commonly as long-term care. The eligibility requirements associated with Medicaid regarding income and assets are complex. You should consider the guidance of an elder care attorney, or an attorney with expertise regarding Medicaid regulations.

The book discusses which tests and procedures are necessary, so you can avoid unnecessary expenses. You will learn how to build a personal health team to support you and execute documents on your behalf. You will learn how to use a long-term professional care team made up of specialists, clinics and physicians. The book has great advice on finding reliable rating services to identify the best quality providers, accurate pricing information so you can shop for cost-effective doctors, procedures and prescriptions, and which tests and procedures are actually necessary.

“Get What’s Yours for Health Care” contains valuable appendices such as: centers of excellence, by category of treatment; top-rated preventive care measures; and most reliable rating sites for doctors, hospitals and nursing homes.

You will find this book essential for making intelligent health care decisions for all your family members.


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