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Warm up to offer window for pothole repairs on Maryland roads

The promise of warm weather and the threat of more rain through the rest of this week have pushed the State Highway Administration to craft a two-pronged plan for its continuing winter clean-up operations.

The focus: potholes and drainage.

Recent cold snaps and snowfalls have left many roadways crumbling in spots, the result of freezing water cracking surfaces and plows and layers of salt compounding the damage.

Warmer weather is preferable to cold in fixing pot holes. High temperatures from Wednesday through the weekend are expected to hover between 40 and 60 degrees, according to the National Weather Service.

The SHA plans to take advantage of the warm up to address the high volume of pothole issues the state is currently experiencing.

However, the weather forecast isn't all rosy.

The warmer temperatures are also expected to cause significant melting of snow mounds, and will be met with heavy rain showers on Wednesday and Friday, according to the weather service.

With many drainage inlets already filled or blocked with plowed snow, the SHA will be directing crews to focus on clearing such inlets and removing plowed snow from areas vulnerable to back-ups, the SHA said.

The SHA warned drivers to be alert, as "slow moving work zone operations" will be underway this week.

"As the snow melts and storm cleanup continues, drivers should also be on the lookout for fallen trees and standing water, remain alert when turning at intersections and be mindful of pedestrians," the SHA said. "Local jurisdictions are also continuing storm cleanup operations, therefore many sidewalks are not clear and pedestrians may be walking in travel lanes."

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