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Jerry Seinfeld riffs on merger fight between Jos. Bank and Men's Wearhouse

The seemingly endless battle of the suit sellers – Jos. A. Bank Clothiers and Men's Wearhouse - caught the attention of Jerry Seinfeld, and the comedian is  fascinated and amused.

The former Seinfeld star and co-creator was asked about the huge merger fight between the nation's two biggest men's apparel chains during a CBS interview Tuesday.

"Jos. A. Bank - could they advertise more? Could they sell less?" Seinfeld said on BuzzFeed Brews on CBS This Morning. "They're just like, 'We’ll give you three suits for $8. We’ll give you… Just take it. Just take it, and get it out of here.'"

Men’s Wearhouse, the bigger of the two rivals, took an equal amount of ribbing.

"So now Men's Wearhouse is saying, 'We want more of this crap. We don’t have enough of our own crap. We want your crap too,'" Seinfeld went on. "More clothes nobody wants, nobody will buy. There's no price low enough. There's no sale big enough.”

BuzzFeed Business Editor Peter Lauria said the Men's Wearhouse subject came up while talking to Seinfeld backstage. Wrapping up the interview, Lauria mentioned that Jos. Bank, a Hampstead-based retailer, was so dead set against being acquired by Men's Wearhouse that it may have made an offer for casual clothing and outerwear chain Eddie Bauer.

"It's hilarious," the comedian responded. "The whole thing's hilarious."



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