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Federal Trade Commission reaches settlement with Cockeysville auto dealer

The Federal Trade Commission announced Tuesday that it reached a settlement with two auto dealers in Ohio and Maryland, including Timonium Chrysler Inc. of Cockeysville, over charges of deceptive ads on the cost of vehicles or available discounts.

The agency said that the Cockeysville dealer, which does business under the name of Don White's Timonium Jeep Chrysler Dodge, promoted discounts and "Internet prices," but allegedly failed to tell consumers that they needed to qualify for rebates generally not available to them. Even if consumers did qualify for the rebates, the FTC said, the vehicle's price was higher than advertised.

Under the order settling the FTC complaint, both dealers agreed to make copies of ads and promotional materials available to the FTC upon request and to not misrepresent prices and discounts.

"We don't agree with the allegations they're making," said Andy White, vice president and owner of the Cockeysville dealership. Nevertheless, White said, the FTC wanted the dealer's ads to be "a little more transparent" on rebates, and "we were happy to comply."


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