Tax-free shopping in Maryland during week in August

Shoppers in Maryland can avoid the state's 6 percent sales tax when purchasing certain apparel from Aug. 11 through the 17th.

The tax break occurs on shoes and clothing items that cost up to $100 each. So, a $110 shirt will still be subject to tax. But two shirts at $75 each, will get the tax break.

Other items that are excluded from the tax holiday: accessories, such as jewelry, ties and belts, and clothing or footwear designed for protection, such as football pads, according to the Maryland Comptroller’s office. Also, even though families do much of their back to school shopping in August, school supplies are still subject to the sales tax.

If you’re trying to arrange your shopping to take advantage of the sales tax break, check out  the comptroller’s website for a list of items that will be tax free.




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