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Netflix, riding high on the critical success of their show "Orange is the New Black," seems likely to order more episodes of "Arrested Development."

Meanwhile, protesters have targeted both the Zimmerman verdict and the virtual slave labor of the for-profit prison industry, hooking their protests on Zimmerman's acquittal and Bastille Day, respectively.

Finally, a fellow in Australia found that sexism was alive and well when he prepended a "Mr." onto his resume and quickly reversed his job prospects.

Welcome to your online trends report for Monday, July 15, 2013.


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Are "Arrested Development" fans ready to start this whole drumroll to its return over again? They may get to, if plans are finalized to produce another season of the cult comedy favorite for Netflix.,0,5680913.story

Bastille Day
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The IWW scheduled its protest on Bastille Day, the anniversary of the French Revolution, which was led by the working class, to draw attention to the use of forced labor in U.S. prisons. Many prisons require prisoners to work — on farms, in call centers and in factories, for example — for less than minimum wage.,0,6526051.story

New York
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A day of peaceful protests gave way to arrests and bottle throwing Sunday night as thousands took to the streets of New York to vent outrage over the verdict in the Trayvon Martin case.

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I understood gender discrimination once I added “Mr.” to my resume and landed a job.

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The U.S. Department of the Interior has amassed a breathtaking collection of photography documenting the diverse landscapes of the United States and shared it in an Instagram account.

Glass-Steagall Act
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Sen. Elizabeth Warren has launched a campaign to make banks boring again as she pushes legislation to enact stricter regulations forcing deposit-taking financial institutions out of the investment business.

Kyle Massey
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Kyle Massey, 21, has denied a Twitter rumor that he is dying of cancer.

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Cirque du Soleil will resume performances of its "Ka" show in Las Vegas on Tuesday night, 17 days after an acrobat fell about 90 feet to her death in its closing scene, the company announced Sunday.

JK Rowling
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Publishers have been left red-faced after discovering that they rejected the latest novel by JK Rowling, one of the world’s best-selling writers.
Jordan Spieth
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Jordan Spieth, 19, became the youngest player to win a PGA Tour event in 82 years Sunday. And he did it by surviving a grueling five-hole, sudden-death playoff with defending champion Zach Johnson and David Hearn at the John Deere Classic.
Bárcenas, Rajoy
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Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy sent supportive text messages to his party's disgraced ex-treasurer for two months after the eruption of a corruption scandal involving People's Party (PP) leaders, El Mundo newspaper said on Sunday.,0,6106453.story


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