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The Internet likes Kanye; not such a big fan of the Tumblr purchase

Yahoo has added another major property to its portfolio, Kanye West went dark and political for his SNL gig, and France is buying military equipment. Welcome to your post-weekend trends report for May 20, 2013.

With the exception of television show reactions, most Internet attention this morning centers around Friday news. That includes France's Friday announcement that it is buying drones and Yahoo's announcement that it is buying Tumblr. Apparently only one of those decisions was unpopular enough to warrant NYT reaction coverage.

As for weekend content: Kanye West gave what one Twitter user described as "the most terrifying PowerPoint presentation I've ever seen" on SNL Saturday. Themes included the Corrections Corporation of America and continued resistance to interracial marriage. Also, Justin Bieber thinks he's a really talented guy.


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Plenty of people freaked out about everything from West's commentary on bi-racial couples to the blasphemy of naming an album Yeezus, but the majority were in agreement that West's SNL performance was the stuff of legend.
The Village Voice

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Yahoo's board of directors has approved a $1.1-billion cash acquisition of blogging site Tumblr.
The Baltimore Sun

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France is reportedly set to buy two drone aircraft from the United States for use in Mali. Critics note that drones are often used for extra-judicial assassinations outside of outside war zones.

WWE, #ExtremeRules
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Superstars like Brock Lesnar Alberto Del Rio and members of The Shield were successful Sunday night. But Jack Swagger, Big Show and others had rough nights.
The Auburn Citizen

Hallucinogen persisting perception disorder
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The doors of perception are not so much cleansed, as Aldous Huxley famously found after his first experience on mescaline, as they are cracked open and left askew.
New Yorker

Justin Bieber, Miguel, #BBMA
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Justin Bieber won two Billboard Awards and broke record history this weekend, but also missed the deadline to rescue his monkey from a German airport.
The Telegraph


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