Not-so-rich writers, not-so-elite hoops and not-so-wealthy Cypriots dominate the morning

Maryland has to settle for the NIT, Cyprus is thinking about taxing bank deposits, and it turns out that your Amazon bestseller won't actually make you rich. Welcome to your post-weekend trends report for Monday, March 18, 2013.

An author who managed to briefly have a best-selling book on Amazon last summer has debunked the idea that he's rolling in seven figures -- or even six -- to the fascination of his audience on Salon and Digg. Not much to put in the bank.

Meanwhile, banks in Cyprus are getting nervous about that country's plans to tax their account holders. The tax is an attempt to pay back EU bailouts.

Finally -- and closer to home -- Maryland was shut out of the NCAA tournament year, leading Terps fans to cry in their green beers. Maryland's National Invitation Tournament run starts Tuesday against Niagara.


Law-enforcement officers investigating an apparent suicide inside a University of Central Florida residence hall have found several weapons and improvised explosive devices, a school spokesman said early Monday.
The Baltimore Sun

Spring Break
Two Ohio State students died and two others were injured in a car crash while on spring break.
The Lantern

"In one more week I was going to be a millionaire. At least, that was the rumor circulating around my wife’s family. One more week on Amazon’s best-seller list and I would have seven figures in the bank, easily. Her cousin had looked this fact up on the Internet, so it had to be true."

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Maryland's men's basketball season will continue in the NIT, where the Terps are a No. 2 seed and will open Tuesday night at Comcast Center against seventh-seeded Niagara of the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference.
The Baltimore Sun

Cypriot ministers rushed on Monday to revise a plan to seize money from bank deposits as part of an EU bailout, in an effort to ensure lawmakers supported it in a vote later in the day.
The Baltimore Sun

Lockheed Martin
Engineers at Lockheed Martin have just [last week] announced a newly-developed salt filter that could reduce desalination energy costs by 99 percent.
Gizmodo Australia

Steubenville Rape
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A judge Sunday found two teenage boys guilty of raping a 16-year-old girl during a night of high school parties that was captured on text messages, pictures and videos and shared among the defendants and their friends.
The Baltimore Sun

Clay Matthews
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It seems like every few weeks a phony report emerges of a big-name player breaking both legs in a car accident ... It’s phony.  And, in time, a phony report regarding the same topic will be made about another NFL player.  And another.  And another.
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