Hong Kong shakes, Estonia charges and a celebrity mom pops

Hong Kong residents experienced the effects of an earthquake nearby. Meanwhile, the Internet is coldly ignoring Baltimore's lack of an NBA team today, heartlessly blabbing on about the league's just-passed trade deadline. Welcome to your online trends report for Friday, Feb. 22.

An earthquake in southern China created an unusual stir in Hong Kong, which usually does not noticeably feel the effect of such tremors. The 4.8-magnitude quake struck about 110 miles north of the city.

Relatively nearby, India and Australia were battling out a cricket test, gaining substantial worldwide Twitter attention. Local Tweets were more focused on the exploits of the Scandal cast.

And on Digg, users found interest in a speech by Clarence Thomas on word choice, along with information on Estonia's new auto-charging network. (The country had already been known for its widespread wi-fi access.)


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With pole-winner Danica Patrick and Jeff Gordon locked into the front row for Sunday's Daytona 500, as the winners of the qualifying races, Kevin Harvick and Kyle Busch will start alongside each other on Row 2.
Baltimore Sun

Hong Kong
Thousands of people in Hong Kong contacted city authorities on Friday saying they had felt the ground shaking following an earthquake across the border in southern China, an official said. While earthquakes are not uncommon in China it is unusual for them to be felt in the southern financial hub.
Times of India

Michael Clarke, Clarke 103, India
There it is! Another century to Michael Clarke. He dances down the pitch, uses the feet nicely, and lofts the ball over mid-off for a boundary. A great knock from the skipper. He looks skywards. He looks immensely satisfied. The second last delivery of the day.
Sydney Morning Herald

Big banks
what if we told you that, by our calculations, the largest U.S. banks aren’t really profitable at all? What if the billions of dollars they allegedly earn for their shareholders were almost entirely a gift from U.S. taxpayers?

Clarence Thomas
"What I tell my law clerks is that we write these so that they are accessible to regular people," Thomas told his audience. "That doesn't mean that there's no law in it. But there are simple ways to put important things in language that's accessible. As I say to them, the beauty, the genius is not to write a 5 cent idea in a ten dollar sentence. It's to put a ten dollar idea in a 5 cent sentence. That's beauty. That's editing. That's writing."
The Atlantic

Las Vegas shooting
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A spectacular predawn crash on the Strip — triggered when bullets fired from a black Range Rover peppered a Maserati — hit this resort city right between the eyes. In the end, three people were dead and a major intersection under lockdown during a three-state manhunt for the shooters, leaving even casino veterans used to the extraordinary scratching their heads.
Los Angeles Times

Amber Rose
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Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose are proud parents of a new baby boy, born Thursday afternoon.
Baltimore Sun

A fast-charging network makes Estonia the first country in the world where you can easily drive your EV around in towns or in the countryside without worrying about the driving range or pollution.
Estonian World

NBA trade deadline
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THE BIG MOVE that the 76ers made during the summer -- remember that one? -- is the one they are apparently sticking with (or stuck with) at least for the time being. The NBA trade deadline came and went Thursday afternoon and, with the exception of giving up a second-round pick to the Golden State Warriors for backup combo guard Charles Jenkins, all was quiet.
Baltimore Sun

Fitz, #Scandal, #AskScandal
With "Boom Goes the Dynamite" we're officially in the second half, and second arc of Season 2. Scandal's new focus is the mole in the White House, and the possible connection to Wendy -- the info-for-hire dead woman David Rosen woke up next to last week.
Entertainment Weekly


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