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More than one-third of Marylanders have no savings to cover emergencies

If you lost your job, do you have enough savings to cover basic expenses at the federal poverty level for three months?

A new report released today by the Corporation for Enterprise Development found that 36 percent of Marylanders don’t.

Among them are residents with income below the poverty line, which is defined as $23,050 for a family of four. But the report noted that 13 percent of households here earn $80,197 to $125,376 annually and don’t have three month’s worth of savings, either.

The report is published annually and ranks states on the financial security of their residents.

Overall, Maryland came in 21st — even though the state ranks near the bottom in poverty.

Maryland ranks 45th in the percentage of people behind at least 90 days on bills and credit card debt — the average is $13,06.  We’re No. 44 on the foreclosure rate and delinquent mortgage payments.

One bright spot: the state is No. 2 in education, with 37 percent of residents having at least a four-year degree.






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