Baltimore blogs seem to avoid falling victim to Tumblr worm

Tumblr, the popular mircoblogger service, has been a beset a potty-mouthed worm that rails against the evils of adult My Little Pony fans. (Seriously, I'm not making this up.) But many of Baltimore's prominent tumblr bloggers have seemed to have escaped the wrath of the worm for now.

Sad really because there would be something kinda hilarious about having "DRINK BLEACH AND DIE YOU EMO, SELF-INSISTING, SELF-DEPRECATING, SELF-INDULGENT EMPTY HUSKS OF HUMAN BEINGS" posted on the Maryland Historical Society Photographs tumblr. The humor blog The City That Breeds is also immune, but judging from its normal content, I don't know if anyone would know if it had been indeed hacked.

Update: According to its official Twitter account, Tumblr says that it has resolved the problem.

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