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Startup Weekend: Launch your own startup at

It is fitting that the next Baltimore Startup Weekend -- where entrepreneurs and coders and designers come together to launch companies -- is at the headquarters of is one of the biggest startups to ever come out of -- er, stay -- in Baltimore. Maybe it's office at the Tide Point complex in Locust Point will help give birth to another monster tech hit over the weekend of Sept. 28. (At: 1020 Hull St., Baltimore, MD).

So what's Startup Weekend about? According to its website, SW is part of a non-profit worldwide effort to support rapid startup formation over the course of a weekend, or roughly 54 hours. At the beginning of the weekend, people pitch potential business ideas and the crowd votes on the best ones. Then teams organically form around the teams.

I attended and wrote about last year's inaugural Startup Weekend event in Baltimore, where 130 people showed up and around 20 ideas were worked on. Parking Panda was one of them, a service for helping match drivers to open parking spots in urban areas, won the event and has since gone on to receive more investment. I was impressed to see how far ideas came, with some having working prototypes and smart designs.

This year, contest winners will have a pool of $10,000 worth of prizes and services to win from. Last year, that amount was around $6,000. So, SW in Baltimore is growing -- good news.

And folks: if there ever was an indicator that our region needs more technical workers, the attendance registration is "SOLD OUT" for non-technical folks (maybe filled by all you English majors with an app idea?) Startup Weekend needs developers and designers, too.


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