Videology's $13 million raise to help fund acquisition in June

The brothers behind the launch of continue to plug away at their online video advertising business, called Videology Group, recently raising another round of investment, this time $13.1 million.

Update: A company spokeswoman told me that the SEC filing disclosing the $13.1 million is actually tied to the company's acquisition of mobile data management platform Collider Media. This was Videology Group's first acquisition, as covered here.

I don't believe the purchase price of the Collider acquisition was ever disclosed, and it's unclear how much of that $13.1 million stated in the SEC filing was funds used for the deal.

The company is Videology Group, formerly TidalTV. It was founded by Scott Ferber, and his brother John is a director of the company, which is based in Baltimore, but has offices in New York, Austin, California and the United Kingdom.

Prior to this latest round, the company had raised two previous rounds totaling around $46 million.

The company boasts that its developed algorithms to deliver online video at the right time, right screen, and right viewers.

Their website has several graphics with mathematical notation, which I do not obviously understand because I am a lowly reporter with a college English degree. But let me tell you: If they've harnessed the power of math to show video ads to the Youtube generation, watch out!

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