Groupon and law initiatitive offering free legal advice to low-income residents

Free legal advice is being offered to low-income residents in Maryland through a partnership between the JustAdvice Initiative and Groupon Grassroots, the philanthropic arm of Groupon.

Low income residents who attend JustAdvice sessions in Lexington Market will get access to legal advice and assistance. JustAdvice, run by Civil Justice Inc. and the University of Maryland School of Law,  has been offering low-cost legal consultations in areas such as family law, housing, employment and criminal matters since 2009 and is staffed by student attorneys and volunteer lawyers. The goal is to offer a low-cost alternative for those who do not qualify for Legal Aid but can't afford to hire a private attorney.

As part of the campaign, Groupon subscribers can pledge support for the initiative in increments of $10 on the Baltimore Groupon Grassroots page through July 8. Each $10 donation goes toward legal advice for one person. This campaign has a tipping point of $300, the amount that needs to be raised on Groupon for the campaign to proceed.

"We are excited to employ the collective action model of Groupon Grassroots to raise support for access to justice in Maryland," said Leigh Maddox, executive director of Civil Justice, who runs the initiative through the university's Francis King Carey School of Law Clinical Law Program.

All the JustAdvice donations to Groupon Grassroots will be used for the free legal sessions.

JustAdvice typically hosts two three-hour sessions each week. For $10, customers receive up to 30 minutes with an attorney to discuss their legal issue and get advice on how to proceed.

Appointments can be scheduled through email at or by calling 410-929-4809.



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