Baltimore Tech Parents drink good beer, focus on "work/life" balance

Are you a busy parent and "techie"? Do you change diapers and blog, build apps and warm bottles, take kids to soccer practice and run your own startup?

You may want to join our group: Baltimore Tech Parents. We're on Facebook and

Last night, the Baltimore Tech Parents held its inaugural happy hour meetup, at Heavy Seas Alehouse in the city. It was a pretty good turnout for a first event -- 15 or so people showed up.

The guest speakers were Jay Steinmetz, CEO and founder of Barcoding Inc., and Mia Redrick, a "mom strategist", author, blogger and vlogger.

Both Jay and Mia talked extensively about how they manage raising multiple children while juggling their businesses. There was also good feedback and questions from the group, especially those who struggle with working from home and setting boundaries for their work/life routines with their children.

I have small children of my own. I came away from listening to their talks with an appreciation for how much they structure activities and personal time with their children. Children crave structure. And busy parents running a business often need set routines and structure to get them through their days and to make planning easier.

We'll be organizing the next happy hour Baltimore Tech Parents meetup sometime in August. The date and speakers will be announced shortly. Stay tuned!

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