Kiplinger: Baltimore one of the best cities for high-paying jobs

I love rankings, particularly when Baltimore or Maryland makes the cut by some outside group.

Who can forget when Baltimore was rated by a travel magazine as having the ugliest people.

In this latest rankings, Kiplinger magazine named Baltimore as one of the 12 best cities for jobs paying $50,000 or more.

According to the personal finance magaine, we have 18,583 job openings here that pay 50 grand and up. That’s 17 jobs for every 100 unemployed. Our income grow is 5.6 percent.

Kipling says Baltimore’s “booming life-science, international finance and maritme commerce sectors make the port city a prime place to score a competitive job.” Johns Hopkins University helps, too. So does the city’s growing tech and defense sectors, Kiplinger says.

The other 11 that made the grade:

Manchester, NH; Washington, DC; Trenton, NJ;  Boston and Worcester, MA, Cedar Rapids, IA; Achorage, AL;  Harrisburg, PA (Didn’t it file for bankruptcy?); Oklahoma City, OK; Minneapolis, MN; and Boston, Worcester and Springfield, MA

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