The story one homeless man -- and 4,000 more

Check out Mark Reutter's great profile of Linwood Hearne, who sleeps on the street with is wife in front vestibule of Health Care for the Homeless. Here's Reutter on Baltimore Brew:

With less than $1,000 a month coming from Social Security between the two of them, Linwood said they couldn’t afford to rent another house. They started living on the streets.

“I don’t believe in shelters,” he said at first, then amended his statement to say that he won’t go the city shelter. Asked why, he replied, “The staff are very unkind to people. They have an attitude. They treat you, well, like trash. I won’t stand for that.”

Talking to a friend sitting nearby, Linwood elaborated, “I didn’t wake up in the morning and want to be homeless. It was jail and one bad thing after another.”

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