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InfoTeK Corp.: Open-door policy

Sarah Dabney, a program manager for InfoTeK Corp., says the Hanover-based engineering and information technology firm has a "family feel."

One of her colleagues, as part of the WorkplaceDynamics survey, wrote, "I feel like a member of the family."

The company, a partnership, likes get-togethers: It holds frequent events for employees and families, including an annual holiday party, and recently treated the whole staff to a Ravens game, munchies included.

The idea, said Dabney, who spoke for the company, is that no employees feel they are "out on an island."

InfoTeK also helps workers juggle job and home life, allowing them to adopt flexible schedules or to bank comp time: If staffers work extra hours on a project, they're entitled to take the time off later.

And they do work extra time. The company expects a lot of its staff, respondents to the WorkplaceDynamics survey said.

"The work is challenging and my accomplishments are noted and valued," an employee wrote.

Clear communication is also emphasized at InfoTeK, with frequent emails, an online portal and on-site briefings, which employees are paid to attend, Dabney said.

Employee benefits include fully paid individual health care, paid time off of 6½ weeks, and 401(k) contributions of 6 percent to 10 percent.

"We put into place a benefits package that rewards [workers] and helps them out for their careers and lives," Dabney said.

And InfoTeK listens to its staff, she added: "We have an open door for every one of our employees."

InfoTeK Corp.

Founded: 2001

Ownership: Partnership

Sector: Government contracting

Locations: 1

Employees: 50


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