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Marylanders' credit card delinquencies fall

Who says we can’t control our spending?

Virtually every state, including Maryland, saw a drop in the second quarter in their credit card delinquencies.

According to credit bureau TransUnion, the delinquency rate — bills past due by 90 or more days — fell to 0.6 percent from 0.74 percent in the first quarter. That’s the lowest level since 1994.

Maryland’s delinquency rate is near the national average at 0.61 percent. (TransUnion didn't say what our rate was in the first quarter.) Only North Dakota saw its delinquency rate rise in the second quarter, but at 0.4 percent it was still below the national rate.

The amount of debt we’re carrying on our cards also fell in the second quarter by $20 to $4,699. The state with the highest credit card balances is Alaska, with an average of $6,926. But Alaska also has the lowest delinquency rate at 0.39 percent.


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