Consuming Interests: Employment ad scam: Naughty Business of the Week

From The Consuming Interests blog:

I like to think there's a special place in Hell for scammers who prey on people at their most vulnerable, like those who are unemployed.

But the Better Business Bureau of Greater Maryland brings us this warning about a Naughty Business of the Week: an employment ad scam.

Here's the text of the ad, which was seen in the Baltimore Sun, and

"Managers-for Negotiations and contracts department of large natural gas drilling corp. Manager will lead a large staff which will negotiate with land owners the mineral rights for our gas drilling. Must have strong leadership and/or organizational skills...Excellent Salary and Benefit Package..."

According to the BBB, an applicant from central Virginia was told he had the job but in order to secure the interview ...

... he had to wire the company the money for a plane ticket.

Apparently this number has been associated with other job descriptions, including travel agent and restaurant manager.

Here are the BBB's tips to avoid employment scams:

Seek employment only on reputable sites. But beware that even legitimate sites may not screen advertisers, so scams can get through.

Research the business - Google the phone number, the address and any other details about the company or the job that you might find. If you find unrelated industries connected to the same phone number, like ads for restaurant managers and energy company contract negotiators, be cautious.

Go to and check for information on the company.

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