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Marylanders with biggest tax liabilities owe $12.7M, comptroller says; defense attorney Warren Brown makes list

The Baltimore Sun

Maryland’s comptroller on Wednesday published a list of 20 individuals and 25 businesses who owe the most in unpaid taxes, penalties and interest — a combined $12.7 million.

The state’s comptroller has been publishing the list since 2000, and has collected $45 million from people and businesses who appeared on it, the comptroller’s office said.

"The vast majority of Marylanders pay their fair share of taxes, and my office is committed to ensuring that everyone does,” Comptroller Peter Franchot said in a statement. “These people have chosen to take advantage of the benefits of this great state while thumbing their noses at the taxpayers who fulfill their legal obligations.”

One of the people on the individual list is prominent defense attorney Warren Brown of Randallstown. According to the comptroller, he owes $253,214, about one-sixth of the person in the No. 1 spot on the list.

Brown said he has not intentionally evaded taxes and is working to pay off his tax bill. The debt came from problems with his former accountant, whom he has already replaced, he said.

“The tax people, in some instances, remind me of some of my clients that are charged with robbery,” Brown said.

“That’s their tactic, that’s their tactic,” Brown said of publishing the list. “So I guess they have the right to do it, and they’ve done it. So here we are. I’ve never run from things that cause consternation.”

Anyone who owes taxes in Maryland and wants to resolve the debt can call the Comptroller of Maryland at 410-767-1646, 767-1650 or 888-615-0369 for business taxes, or 410-260-7482, 260-7623 or 1-800-MD-TAXES for individual taxes.

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