In case you haven’t heard, Amazon passed over both Baltimore City and Montgomery County as potential locations for its new headquarters in favor of Crystal City in Arlington County, Va., and Long Island City in Queens, N.Y.

And that’s after Maryland offered the online retail giant $8.5 billion in incentives to build here — the largest publicly known incentive.


Baltimoreans feeling dejected can console themselves with the knowledge that rent in our city costs about half what it does in Arlington.

Half of Amazon's new headquarters will be stationed in Northern Virginia. Here's how it will affect Maryland and the Greater Baltimore area.

Here’s how it breaks down:

Cost of renting a one-bedroom apartment

Baltimore: $940 per month

Arlington: $1,800 per month

Cost of renting a two-bedroom apartment

Baltimore: $1,180 per month

Arlington: $2,080 per month

Median price of homes sold

Baltimore: $99,600

Arlington: $619,100

Average cost of a one-way ticket on public transportation

Baltimore: $1.80

Arlington: $2.60


Price of gas

Baltimore: $2.48 per gallon

Arlington: $2.64