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This company is bringing on-demand convenience store delivery to Baltimore

Whether Baltimoreans are in need of school supplies or craving late-night munchies, a new service is launching in the city to bring those goods to customers’ doorsteps on demand.

GoPuff, a Philadelphia-based digital retailer, plans to launch in the Baltimore area this month. The company will stock more than 2,000 products — from groceries to dog food — at a central warehouse to be delivered on demand.

The service will be available from noon to 4:30 a.m. daily.

When it launches, GoPuff will be available in more than 20 Baltimore-area ZIP codes. The company is expanding to Baltimore after launching in College Park in the spring.

“GoPuff’s mission is to create more time in the day for our customer by consistently redefining the very meaning of convenience and providing a high-quality experience at an exceptional value,” GoPuff co-founder Rafael Ilishayev said in a statement.

All orders carry a $1.95 delivery fee.

Available through iPhone and Android apps or on, the company was founded in 2013. GoPuff operates in more than 50 U.S. cities including Atlanta, Boston, Chicago and Seattle.

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