Under Armour launches "Athlete Recovery Sleepwear," endorsed by Tom Brady. (Courtesy video)

Under Armour often boasts of possessing “the world’s largest digital health and fitness community” — more than 220 million users of its fitness and health apps.

Users of the apps — MyFitnessPal, MapMyRun and more — routinely log in data about their workouts, eating and sleeping, and the results provide the company with plenty of data about their habits.


Under Armour analyzed the data around the Thanksgiving holiday and has released a number of findings from 2016.

The result is a compendium of everything you wanted to know about Thanksgiving choices:

+ Thanksgiving has come to be associated not only with ample amounts of food, but also with exercise.

“The number of 5Ks and 5 Milers completed on Thanksgiving Day increased 77% over the previous week,” Under Armour said in a news release. “Users completing 10Ks on Thanksgiving Day increased 75% compared to the week prior.”

It said hiking, skiing and ice skating have also become linked with the Friday after Thanksgiving (along with shopping, of course).

+ People tend to sleep a lot surrounding the holiday.

“Whether it’s the tryptophan or the fact that it’s a short week, people are logging more sleep over Thanksgiving weekend. Users logged an average of 20 minutes more on Thanksgiving and 30 minutes more on Black Friday,” the release said.

Last year, Under Armour reported that its “connected fitness” members reported an average of 6.94 hours per night of sleep. Johns Hopkins Medicine recommends 7.5-8.5 hours of sleep for adults.

+ There are some items — cranberry sauce and stuffing — that don’t often get eaten except on this holiday.

“Stuffing goes from being practically never eaten most of the year, to being one of the most commonly logged foods on Thanksgiving Day,” the company said.