The spacesuits will be “deep space blue,” naturally, with Under Armour’s logo displayed prominently below the collar.

The Baltimore-based athletic apparel and now spacewear maker unveiled suits, base layers and space boots Wednesday that astronauts and space tourists aboard Virgin Galactic’s first commercial space flights will wear next year.


“At Under Armour, we pride ourselves on always getting better and leaning into innovation to drive progress for our athletes, but few things can prepare you for a project as challenging and exciting as this one,” said Kevin Plank, Under Armour’s founder and CEO, in an announcement Wednesday. “Spaceflight is a unique and demanding regime and requires a different approach.”

Virgin Galactic, the space flight unit of Richard Branson’s Virgin Group conglomerate, is the world’s first commercial spaceline. The company’s goal is to offer flights into space for paying customers with regular commercial flights.

In January, Under Armour announced its next frontier would be designing space apparel and footwear in a partnership with Virgin Galactic. Besides becoming “technical spacewear partner,” Under Armour also is working with Branson on an astronaut performance training program.

While Under Armour created the spacewear, Virgin Galactic has been running a test flight program for the Unity spaceship, launched from under another plane and designed to carry two pilots and up to six passengers. Unity officially reached space on Dec. 13, 2018, when it reached an altitude of 51.4 miles. It flew again into space in February.

It could make its first commercial flight next year, charging $250,000 a ticket, according to a report in the Washington Post earlier this month. The company expects 66 customers next year and nearly 1,000 by 2022, the Post reported.

The deep blue Under Armour spacesuits unveiled Wednesday have accents in light blue and gold and multiple pockets, including a clear pocket inside the jacket for a photo. They conform to the shape of the body around the elbows and knees and feature Under Armour’s HOVR cushioning on shoulder pads and around the neck. The liner’s fabric helps manage moisture and control the temperature.

“We were able to incorporate the nostalgic elements of the classic spacesuit — not only from past space missions, but also iconic space movies to redefine the way we think of space apparel moving forward and create something memorable and unlike anything future astronauts have ever seen," said Nick Cienski, the brand’s principle innovation apparel designer.

The spaceboots were inspired by race car drivers’ footwear, designed to be lightweight instead of bulky, the company said.

The suits and boots were tested by Virgin Galactic pilots, spaceship engineers, medical officers and astronaut instructors.