Under Armour's Olympics speed skating uniforms and, um, that crotch patch: what they're saying

If you’ve watched any speed skating in the Olympics, you may have noticed the U.S. team uniforms.

Under Armour makes them. And, well, the design kind of caught some eyes of Twitter users over the past couple days.


There is some science behind the design, Under Armour says. The colors are different for competitive purposes.

No matter where the team finishes, these comments are gold.


It’s the not the first time the Baltimore-based sports apparel designer has made headlines with uniforms for the sport.

After a disappointing performance at the 2014 Winter Games, the U.S. speedskating team has doubled down on its partnership with Under Armour, its outfitter and sponsor whose speed suits were ditched by some of the skaters in Sochi.

But from the start of the Sochi Games, the skaters underperformed — and soon some were complaining about the highly engineered Mach 39 “skins.” Midway through the games, they ditched the new suits for an older model.

So far in Pyeongchang, the U.S. has won one speed skating medal: John-Henry Krueger took home the silver in the men’s 1,000 meters.