Intel ads to feature Michael Phelps and his 'Phelps face'

"Why the Phelps face?" the swimmer is asked in new ad for Intel.

Intel tapped Olympic swimming champion Michael Phelps to star in ads for the computer processor maker, including one featuring the return of the scowling "Phelps face" popularized on the Internet during the Rio Games.

Phelps and actor Jim Parsons of "The Big Bang Theory" collaborate on the spots promoting Intel-powered computers. The idea is that Phelps, the world's most decorated Olympian, is frustrated by his slow computer.

"The spots titled 'Faster Processing' and 'Phelps Face' feature Jim Parsons and Phelps using an old, slow computer," Intel says on its website. "Phelps' frustration is visible as the computer just cannot keep up."

"Phelps Face" refers to the Baltimore native's expression before a race with South African Chad le Clos. Phelps was captured scowling as le Clos paced and shadow-boxed.

As he pitches Intel in that spot, Phelps is wearing a headset and hooded warmup just as he was before that race. "Why the Phelps face?" Parsons asks.

In the other ad, Parsons asks Phelps why he still uses such a slow computer.

"It keeps me humble," Phelps replies.

The commercials will begin airing Oct. 17 during the Late Night Show with Stephen Colbert on CBS.

After his success at the 2016 Summer Olympic games in Brazil, Phelps appears to have recovered whatever commerical luster he lost after he was arrested for and plead guilty to driving under the influence in 2014. Wheaties honored him with its first ever Lifetime Acheivement Award box after the Olympics. And now he's signed on with Intel.

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