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McCormick & Co. will switch to plastic packaging that can be recycled or reused

McCormick & Co. is making the shift to reusable, recyclable or re-purposed material in all plastic packaging by 2025, the Hunt Valley-based spice and flavorings maker said Tuesday.

The move is part of sustainability goals the manufacturer set last October. The latest steps extend the company’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with packaging. The company is aiming to reduce its packaging carbon footprint by 25 percent by 2025.

“We remain focused on the sustainability of our products and the world around us, and we aim to be part of the solution that safeguards the long-term vitality of the planet we share,” said Lawrence Kurzius, McCormick’s chairman, president and CEO, in a company announcement.

The company also is working to increase recycled content in all packaging, create packaging with less plastic and elminate single-use plastic.

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