Almost 3,000 Md. firms, firm locations closed in 2009

Nearly 3,000 businesses or business locations shut down in Maryland in recessionary 2009, the Census Bureau said Thursday.

The new figures, which track employers of all sizes, also show a loss of 110,000 private-sector jobs from March 2008 to March 2009 — a bigger hit than earlier estimates from the U.S. Department of Labor had suggested. The Labor Department measured the private-sector drop at 83,000 jobs.

The Census Bureau's data is drawn primarily from businesses' tax filings to the Internal Revenue Service, while the more-timely Labor Department figures come from surveys.

Like the nation as a whole, Maryland lost about 2 percent of its establishments — entire businesses or certain locations of businesses, such as an office or a store — in 2009, the Census Bureau said. The state fared better than the country in job loss, with a 4.9 percent drop in employment compared with 5.3 percent nationwide.

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