University of Maryland School of Medicine startup acquired

Living Pharma Inc., a cancer treatment startup out of the University of Maryland School of Medicine, has been acquired by Lentigen Technology, a life sciences company in Gaithersburg.

Financial terms were not disclosed.

Living Pharma is developing a cancer treatment that uses a patient’s own T-cells to target tumors. The approach can be customized to each patient.

“The potential of this technology is substantial and it could take CAR-T cell therapeutics to the next level,” said Boro Dropulić, Lentigen’s chief science officer and general manager, in a statement.

Living Pharma is based on technology developed by Eduardo Davila and Koji Tamada, two University of Maryland School of Medicine professors and immunology researchers.

The company was part of the university’s New Ventures Initiative, which fast-tracks commercialization of promising technology developed at the school.

Living Pharma went from a license agreement to acquisition in less than 18 months, according to the university.

Lentigen, part of Miltenyi Biotech, a German biotechnology firm, specializes in lentiviral vectors, which deliver genes to cells and can be used in cell and gene therapies.

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