iJet International rebrands itself as WorldAware

The Baltimore Sun

The Annapolis-based global risk management firm iJet International is changing its name to WorldAware to better reflect what the company has become after a series of acquisitions.

In the past year, iJet has acquired red24, a crisis management group, and Prescient Traveler, which is capable of monitoring threats down to the neighborhood level.

The companies’ combined services will allow WorldAware to fulfill its stated mission: “to help clients and partners around the world secure the safety and wellbeing of their people, facilities and business.”

“Wherever and whenever threats occur, WorldAware is looking out for our clients, keeping watch and equipping them with the solutions they need to keep their people and assets safe,” said Ben Allen, CEO of WorldAware. “Our new name reflects our global presence, our unmatched intelligence and the follow-the-sun monitoring we provide to forewarn our clients so they can avoid risks. And, when emergencies happen, our global teams are ready to respond.”

WorldAware operates in Annapolis, London, Singapore and Cape Town, South Africa. The firm employs more than 130 intelligence and security experts who provide 24/7 monitoring and risk analysis for clients around the world.

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