Five Minutes With Roger Mody, managing partner of Baltimore arena football team

How will Arena Football League ownership group attract Baltimore fans to see their new team?

Baltimore's new Arena Football League team received its inaugural schedule on Thursday, with 14 games, mostly at night, and a home opener at Royal Farms Arena on May 7.

What remains is to name the team — that happens later this month — and do plenty of marketing so the city knows the club is open for business.

That's where Roger Mody comes in. The 52-year-old Washington executive is the team's managing partner and calls himself its "brand ambassador."

His task is to impart on Baltimore a sense that professional football doesn't end after the Ravens' season is over and the National Football League crowns its champion. The Arena Football League has five teams — it hopes to expand in the coming years — and Baltimore opens with a road game at Washington's Verizon Center on April 7.

"We know how much folks in Baltimore love football and the blue-collar spirit behind the Ravens," Mody said. "We really are optimistic they are going to embrace this and create a great rivalry not only with Washington but with Philadelphia. As we expand, we'd consider teams up and down the East Coast."

Mody said the team's marketing effort will begin soon with billboards and other media. The league is particularly targeting millennials and families.

Millennials, he said, may appreciate the league's high-tech approach. It hopes to make frequent use of such gadgets as helmet cameras to give fans the same field view as the quarterback.

For families, he said, the league will market its affordability, with tickets priced as low as $10.

"We want to sell at least 1,000 to 1,500 season tickets as soon as practically possible, but we haven't even started our marketing campaign yet," Mody said.

Mody is the former CEO of Signal Corp., a government information technology contractor. He now co-owns Monumental Sports & Entertainment of Washington, which acquired the indoor Baltimore team last year and also owns one in Washington, the Valor.

Monumental also owns the NBA's Washington Wizards, NHL's Washington Capitals, WNBA's Washington Mystics and Verizon Center.

Baltimore's arena football games are to be broadcast online on the subscription-based Monumental Sports Network.

Mody, who grew up in the Washington area as a fan of Orioles baseball and Washington Redskins football, is managing partner of the Baltimore and Washington arena teams, which he said will have separate training operations.

Does that joint title pose any conflict?

"I have four children and I love them all equally," Mody said. "They all eat the same food and get treated the same way."

Roger Mody

Title: Co-owner of Monumental Sports & Entertainment and managing partner of Baltimore's Arena Football League team

Age: 52

Birthplace: Washington

Residence: McLean, Va.

Family: Wife, Kyle; four children ages 11 to 26.

Education: High school GED

Hobbies/Interests: "Sports fan in the DMV."

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