Waterfront Partnership expands services to Fells Point

The Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore is expanding its maintenance and security services to Fells Point.

The Baltimore City Council approved a measure last summer to expand the nonprofit’s business improvement district to encompass the historic neighborhood. Businesses in the area voted to support the surcharge on commercial properties that funds the Waterfront Partnership’s work in neighborhoods around the harbor.


The surcharge — 17 cents per $100 of assessed value — is expected to raise $560,000 a year, said Laurie Schwartz, president of the Waterfront Partnership.

With that money, the Waterfront Partnership will clean streets and sidewalks, provide uniformed safety guides, maintain Broadway Square and Thames Street Park, and market the area through its social media channels.

The Waterfront Partnership first tested its services in Fells Point in 2013, when local businesses raised money to support the work. But without long-term funding, the nonprofit withdrew from the area, Schwartz said.

Kelley Heuisler, president of Fell’s Point Main Street and owner of Poppy & Stella, described the inclusion of Fells Point in the waterfront business improvement district as a “game changer” for the neighborhood.

The area’s local businesses are “incredibly excited to have a cleaner, greener and safer neighborhood for our businesses, residents and visitors,” she said in a statement.

Schwartz said the Waterfront Partnership is pleased by the neighborhood’s support.

“We were proud of the fact that Fells Point wanted to work with Waterfront Partnership,” Schwartz said. “It’s a testament to the success of our efforts to date that they wanted to see the same kind of results in Fells Point.”