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Emocha Mobile Health lands partnership with Hopkins-affiliated Belgian diagnostic test developer

Emocha Mobile Health is working with a Belgian diagnostic test developer

Emocha Mobile Health, a Baltimore health technology startup, has been tapped by miDiagnostics, a Belgian medical device company, to help develop diagnostic devices that can relay test results to smartphones and tablets.

MiDiagnostics, a collaboration between Johns Hopkins University and Belgian nano-electronics research center imec, is developig diagnostic tests that can be embedded in silicon chips. Emocha will build the cloud technology platform that will allow the test data to be transferred digitally from the chips.

The chips eventually could be used to improve upon a wide range of diagnostic tests, such as the complete blood count test, a common blood test used to diagnose diseases and monitor medical conditions.

MiDiagnostics' tests require only a few drops of blood and are intended to deliver results in minutes. They will require regulatory approval before doctors can start using them with patients.

The partnership is a significant step for Emocha, as the company looks to validate its health data analysis technology and expand its reach, said CEO Sebastian Seiguer.

Emocha's miDOT mobile application is a tool for improving medication adherence among patients with complex drug regimens. The tool has been used among patients with tuberculosis and hepatitis C.

Seiguer said the company will soon begin pilot programs to test miDOT's effectiveness managing opioid addiction and congestive heart failure.

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