Domino Sugar unveils property upgrades to Locust Point plant

Domino Sugar's latest property upgrades include vintage signs and a new fence.

Domino Sugar said Monday that it's finished the latest improvements to the 24-acre Locust Point property that houses its Baltimore refinery.

The updates are intended build on years of work to improve the outward appearance of the plant, known for its iconic, rooftop neon sign visible through much of the Inner Harbor.

"For several years, we have been making significant investments to improve the exterior of our facility, beginning with the pressure washing, restoration and painting of our historic buildings and, more recently, the replacement of more than 250 windows," said Peter O'Malley, Vice President of Corporate Relations. "Our latest improvements represent one of the biggest enhancements to the face of the refinery, which are adding value to the neighborhood."

The improvements include replacing the property's original iron fencing, which dated to 1922, and old chain link fence and barbed wire with a new, 2,000-foot-long black steel picket fence.

Domino also added two new signs. At the gate, a new sign with the company's logos reads "Made in Baltimore Since 1922." The company also added a vintage Domino Sugar sign on the property's east side.

The company also built a new retaining wall for its truck lot and storm water treatment area located at Key Highway East and Stevenson Street. It also added a half acre of green space with 16 trees.

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