Nouveau Home and Interior Design closing in Mount Vernon, searching for new location

Nouveau Home and Interior Design is closing its doors in Mount Vernon at the end of the summer, the co-owners announced Thursday.

Co-owners Steve Appel and Lee Whitehead said in a statement that they plan to “search for a new location,” blaming the closure on “the rise of online shopping, competition from national chains, an upcoming increase in the wholesale price of furniture and expected tariffs.”

"It really has to do with people's buying habits,” Appel said in a phone interview. “With our lease expiring at the end of the summer, we just took a long, hard look at things. I just feel like this is a good time [to reinvent our business]."

The furniture and interior design store opened its doors in Mount Vernon after relocating from Belvedere Square in February 2015. Noveau will focus on its interior design business going forward, Appel said.

“Over the years, Nouveau has evolved to meet the needs of homeowners and business in the Baltimore area,” he said. “We look forward to continuing to serve customers through our design studio."

The store is having an “everything must go” sale, which will continue until the end of August.

"I want to take the summer to just talk to our customers and get feedback. We'll see where we go from there,” Appel said.

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