Baltimore ranks 7th best city for healthy retirement

Planning on retiring? This survey says you should consider living in Baltimore.

Baltimore has ranked seventh in a survey of the best U.S. cities for healthy retirement living.

The study by Bankers Life Center for a Secure Retirement looked at the 60 largest metropolitan areas and ranked health and affordability factors for middle-income retirees such as health care, the economy and affordability, social, wellness, activities, environment, transportation and crime.

Seattle was ranked first, followed by Minneapolis-St. Paul, Denver, Portland, Hartford, Omaha, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Salt Lake City. Cities that fell in the top 15 percent most expensive for cost of living, housing and rental prices were not included.

The Baltimore area earned a high ranking for the Inner Harbor and historical attractions, the social interaction of a high number of senior residents and the proximity of health care facilities such as Johns Hopkins Hospital, Mercy Medical Center and University of Maryland Medical Center.

"The purpose of this study wasn't to compile a list of where to enjoy retirement, but rather to identify and recognize cities that excel at providing the services and support that retirees need to live healthy, happy lives," Scott Goldberg, president of Bankers Life, said in a statement.

The Center for a Secure Retirement is a research and consumer education program of Bankers Life, an insurance provider for middle–income Americans who are near or in retirement.

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