Sports bookies offer odds on Amazon HQ2 contenders, leading with Atlanta, Boston and D.C. area

Oddsmakers at the sports betting website SportsBettingDime.com are giving Atlanta, Boston and the D.C. area the best odds of landing Amazon’s proposed second headquarters.

The sports betting operation is giving the best odds to Atlanta at 7/1, while Boston gets 8/1 odds.


The online retail giant, which spurned Baltimore’s bid, also included Maryland’s Montgomery County, Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. among its 20 finalists.

SportsBettingDime gave the three of them 15/2 odds of landing the $5 billion Amazon project and its 50,000 jobs, but gave them lower odds individually. D.C. alone is listed at 14/1, while both Montgomery County and Northern Virginia alone are at the bottom of the list with 40/1 odds.


In addition to sports outcomes, the website says it offers odds and predictive analysis on a variety of topics from pop-culture and celebrity gossip to hard news.

Here’s SportsBettingDime’s full list of odds on Amazon’s HQ2 location:

  • Atlanta: 7/1
  • DMV (Montgomery County, MD or Northern VA or Washington, D.C) 15/2
  • Boston: 8/1
  • Austin: 12/1
  • Denver: 12/1
  • Washington, D.C.: 14/1
  • New York City: 14/1
  • Chicago: 14/1
  • Dallas: 18/1
  • Philadelphia: 18/1
  • Newark, N.J: 22/1
  • Raleigh, N.C: 22/1
  • Pittsburgh: 22/1
  • Miami: 22/1
  • Nashville: 22/1
  • Toronto: 26/1
  • Columbus: 26/1
  • Indianapolis: 33/1
  • Los Angeles: 33/1
  • Montgomery County, Maryland: 40/1
  • Northern Virginia: 40/1

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