Five Minutes with Kathleen A. Getz, head of Loyola University Maryland's business school

The new head of Loyola University Maryland's business school started out as a student of social work, but she makes no apologies for her switch to business.

As she gears up for the start of the school year, incoming dean Kathleen Getz said she wants to rally faculty and students at the Sellinger School of Business and Management around the idea of business as a force for good in the world — not just through corporate philanthropy or other socially responsible programs, but through the nitty gritty of profit-making.


"Business has lifted more people out of poverty than philanthropy ever has and ever could," she said. "We've become a little bit afraid to talk about [profit-making] as an idea that actually has benefits, not just for the person who makes the profit, but for all the others who benefit from that."

One of five daughters born to a Pennsylvania union man and a homemaker, Getz took a job in banking after college at Penn State, when the only social work she could find was volunteering.


The job propelled her to business school part time. She later "fell in love" with teaching and moved fully into an academic career, with positions at American University and Loyola University Chicago.

Getz, who was named dean of the Sellinger School in January and moved here in June, said she was drawn to Baltimore for the chance to work with a new leadership team. She wants to attract more international students and redevelop the graduate program to serve local needs, with more short-term courses and classes that reflect what's distinctive about Baltimore's business environment — the presence of the port, for example.

In the wake of the riots, Baltimore's business community has been vocal about its desire to change the status quo, and she expects Loyola to remain engaged with efforts to revitalize the York Road corridor. Getz's research focuses on the role of business in rebuilding countries struck by conflict.

"I want Loyola to be engaged in things, but it's not my job to tell Baltimore what it needs," she said. "It's my job to help people in Baltimore find a way to identify their needs and then it's our job from the school and the university as a whole to help make it possible to meet those needs."

Kathleen A. Getz

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Title: Dean of the Sellinger School of Business at Loyola University Maryland

Age: 56


Hometown: Williamsport, Pa.

Residence: Roland Park

Education: B.A., Penn State, 1980; MBA, Gannon University, 1986; Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh, 1991

Family: Husband and adult son

Hobbies: Piano, singing (a former choir director), gardening