The objective is simple -- to make athletes better. But how?

That's the question posed by an Under Armour competition and a search for their next big idea.


Contestants have produced such devices as a "smart" jump rope that connects to phones, a device to analyze baseball and softball swings, and a golf statistics tracking system "so you can make better decisions on the course."

The Future Show Innovation Challenge is being hosted today and Friday on Under Armour's campus in Baltimore.

"Every October, entrepreneurs from across the globe are invited to submit their 'billion dollar idea,'" the company said in a press statement.

Here are some of the entries, which aim to wed sports and technology in unique ways:

-- A "smart" jump rope created by Tangram Factory. According to its makers, it's an "an LED-enabled jump rope that displays your fitness data in mid-air, as you work out." The rope syncs with your smartphone to track workouts.

-- A type of sensor technology by Diamond Kinetics enabling baseball or softball players " to capture swing data at more than 11,000 data points per second so in real time you can see and understand your swing like never before."

-- A golf statistics tracking system by Arccos Golf to monitor distance, fairways hit or missed, putting success and other measurables.

The winner, to be announced Friday, will get up to $50,000 and a opportunity to work with Under Armour.