50 tips for riding out the recession

Maximize your credit cards
Grace periods amount to interest-free loans if you pay off full balance

Save on auto insurance
Lower your car insurance premiums with these useful tips

Get the best available price
Tips to avoid missing a sale or discount, even after purchase

Recession-proof your job
With virtually every industry cutting jobs, you're probably asking yourself: Am I next?

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  • Staying out of the red for roses

    There are ways to please your valentine without emptying your wallet

  • Don't be afraid to haggle on prices

    Some retailers will make the trim rather than lose a sale

  • Ways to recession-proof your job

    With virtually every industry cutting jobs these days, you're probably asking yourself: Am I next? Online job board offers advice on making yourself "recession-proof" at work - or at least as much as you can in this economy. The company found that 26 percent of more than 8,000...

  • Know your rights when dealing with debt collectors

    Federal law protects you from abusive practices by debt collectors. Even so, the Federal Trade Commission routinely receives more complaints about the debt collection industry than any other. For 2007, the latest figures available, the FTC received nearly 71,000 complaints about third-party debt...

  • Consider alternative strategies for job search

    Feeling stuck in your job-searching process? If the things you've been trying haven't been snaring interviews or even nibbles for jobs you have your eye on, then consider these alternative strategies: •Try taking on a project or freelance work for a reduced fee or on a contract basis to prove yourself...

  • Riding out the recession: Consider calendar when buying

    If you're trying to cut the budget and curb spending, you'll find some of the best bargains by working the calendar. Retailers are almost certain to put some items on sale at the same time every year. For example, deals on digital cameras often can be found in April, a few months before new models...

  • Better driving can keep your car running longer

    If you've had to put off buying a new car, you might be thinking instead of how to get the most life out of your current vehicle. Start by slowing down. That's one tip offered by the Environmental Protection Agency on ways to conserve gas and increase gas mileage. The EPA says aggressive driving,...

  • Save with your library card

    Maryland libraries rank among the best in the country. You pay for them. Now get your money's worth. The movies you rent. The books you buy for $25 and $35 apiece. The video games costing $50 and more. Barney DVDs. They're often at the library, in most cases for free. The Baltimore County Public...

  • Try to boost credit score during a downturn

    The average credit score has barely budged despite a recession that's lasted more than a year, according to credit reporting agency Experian. But what has changed significantly is the score needed to be viewed as a good credit risk to lenders. Two years ago, you could easily get credit if you had...

  • Going back to school may not be such a good move

    A slow economy and labor market can lead many workers to consider going back to school. In fact, schools geared toward working professionals generally report higher enrollments during recessionary periods. But it might not be the right choice for everyone. Before taking the leap back into academia,...