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Grace periods amount to interest-free loans if you pay off full balance

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Tips to avoid missing a sale or discount, even after purchase

Recession-proof your job
With virtually every industry cutting jobs, you're probably asking yourself: Am I next?

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  • As economic crisis goes on, financial fears can push some over the edge

    As economic crisis goes on, financial fears can push some over the edge

    The headlines have had a similar ring: A Frederick County man underwater on his mortgage kills himself and his family. A man accused of financial improprieties does the same while staying at a Towson hotel. A top official with Freddie Mac, a company with major money woes, is found dead in an apparent...

  • Today's sermon: Money woes

    Church offers webcast workshop on handling finances in hard times

  • It could be the right time to start your own business

    There couldn't be a more unfavorable time to start a business. Right? Wrong, says author Ed Hess, a professor of business administration at the University of Virginia. Despite the recession, company closings, layoffs and the spike in jobless claims, it may just be the right time to take hold of...

  • Travel deals abound in this recession

    So have you always wanted to take that dream trip to an exotic island or some far-away country? If you're fortunate and have the extra cash, now is the time to do it. The recession has caused many travelers to stay home and businesses to cut back on trips as well. That means there's a glut of empty...

  • Ways to trim your bill at grocery store

    There's a lot of things you can cut out of your budget in cash-strapped times: cable, movies, nights out on the town. Other things you can't give up. After all, you're not going to stop eating just because there's a recession. But there are ways to trim the grocery bill and save a few dollars....

  • Checking out your bank's health

    In the last quarter of 2008, the government's list of "problem" banks grew by 81 to a total of 252. The Feds are hush-hush about whose name is on the list to prevent a run on the banks. So is there any other way for you to find out if your institution is safe and sound or on shaky ground? Luckily,...

  • Brown-baggers get a financial treat

    Packing lunch instead of eating out might be considered too obvious for anti-recession advice. But market research shows Americans still aren't packing as much as they could. Brown-bagging has risen in recent years, but it's still below levels of the late 1990s, when the economy was booming. "For...

  • Free help on making home energy-efficient

    You can save money by making your home energy-efficient. And now you can get help with that, too. The nonprofit Civic Works will do the job for free for low-to moderate-income residents in the neighborhoods of Belair-Edison, Harwood, Waverly and Coldstream Homestead Montebello. As part of "Project...

  • Look closely at going-out-of-business 'deals'

    One of the fallouts from a bad economy is store closings. Circuit City, KB Toys and Boscov's department stores are a few of the companies that have announced they were closing some of their doors in this area. But as stores disappear, don't get caught up in the going-out-of-business sales, experts...

  • Dealing with stress tied to more work and less help

    So you have more work to do than ever after your company laid off employees and asked everyone who stayed to pick up the slack. Such stress is likely to lead some employees to be short with one another, upset or moody while working around the office. Don't let it happen to you, says Sandra Naiman,...