Jordan Spieth chips a ball through a basketball hoop at Under Armour

Jordan Spieth and Stephen Curry are friends and fellow Under Armour endorsers.

When Spieth visited Under Armour’s Baltimore headquarters last week, the golfer paid tribute to his basketball buddy by donning the latest Curry-signature shoes, the Curry 3 in the “Grey Matter” colorway.

Then Spieth was asked to take a challenge: chip a golf ball through an indoor basketball hoop.
Under Armour captured his trick-shot attempt on video.
Smiling slightly, Spieth chipped the first two balls wide of the rim.
“OK, all right, all right. We’re closer,” said Spieth, focusing.
He then hits the third shot through the hoop.

“Steph’s an awesome golfer,” Spieth says. “We haven’t played yet – been talking about it, so hopefully we’ll tee it up or shoot around,  whatever it may be. Or both.”

Both Spieth and Curry, the Golden State Warriors star, are in their second partnership with Under Armour, having signed long-term extensions following their original deals.