This Under Armour logo was the one that first appeared on shirts in 1996.
This Under Armour logo was the one that first appeared on shirts in 1996. (Jeff Barker / Baltimore Sun)

The undershirts cost $9.50 each.

There were three orders adding up to 48 shirts: a total of $456 to be paid to "Under Armour Athletic Apparel. Attn: Kevin Plank."


Under Armour's address was listed as a post office box in Kensington.

These were the 21-year-old company's earliest, pre-Baltimore days. Showing its roots, Under Armour is privately exhibiting the well-preserved, 1996 purchase order to Georgia Tech in a glass case at the company's Station House at Tide Point.

Georgia Tech was the first university team to purchase Plank's undershirts, and he sometimes seems nostalgic.

Besides the purchase order, the exhibit includes a white shirt with an early version of Under Armour's logo -- the interlocking "U" and "A." This version doesn't look quite as clean as the current one. The area where the letters overlap somehow looks busy.

Plank, the company's founder and CEO,  is fond of telling how he produced about 500 of his first shirts toward the end of the summer of 1996 after seeking an alternative to the sort of sweat-drenched, cotton T-shirts he had worn under his football jersey at the University of Maryland.

These days, Under Armour's revenue approaches $5 billion.

"Tell a great story" is one of Under Armour's edicts, and the company always enjoys telling its own.