Follow-up coverage: Ground rent

  • Judge throws out part of ground rent suit

    1 A judge has thrown out part of a lawsuit filed by ground rent owners challenging a 2007 state law intended to halt abuses in the system, but allowed their constitutional challenge to move forward. Judge Paul F. Harris Jr. of Anne Arundel County Circuit Court also denied the state's motion to...

  • U.S. judge sends ground rent suit back to state

    A federal judge said yesterday that he thought Maryland's ground rent law had been due for an overhaul because ground rent holders were able to eject homeowners for overdue rents and gain the entire value of their houses. "Let's be perfectly clear," U.S. District Judge Andre M. Davis said during...

  • Ground rent reform faces test in U.S. court today

    Maryland's ground rent reform faces a key test in federal court today as the state seeks to dismiss a case filed by dozens of the largest holders. U.S. District Judge Andre M. Davis is expected to hear arguments that the overhaul effectively seized their properties, causing financial harm deserving...

  • Ground rent owners sue for compensation

    State attorney general expects reform laws to be upheld in court

  • Rush to ejectment criticized

    Realtors reduce support for ground rent owners

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