Exelon settlement at a glance

In a settlement with Gov. Martin O'Malley over the proposed buyout of Constellation Energy Group, Exelon Corp. has promised to develop significantly more natural gas, wind and solar power in Maryland, give more money to help low-income customers and provide more protections for Baltimore Gas and Electric.

Provisions of the settlement include:

•Up to 300 megawatts in new power generation in Maryland within 10 years. That includes:

—10 megawatts to 25 megawatts from poultry manure plant, the first in the state.

—30 megawatts of solar in Baltimore and other municipalities east of Frederick.

—125 megawatts fueled by wind farms and other renewable resources.

—120 megawatts of natural gas generation.

•$30 million for offshore wind development fund.

•$10 million to Empower energy efficiency efforts.

•$10 million to help electricity customers pay bills.

•$50 million to support weatherization efforts for low- to moderate-income homes.

•Maryland Public Service Commission retains right to spin off BGE in certain circumstances.